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Frequently asked questions

If you have any doubts concerning Trailwalker you can check the following FAQs. If you don’t find the answer to your question please contact us here. If other people share the same doubt we will include it in this page. Thank you very much!


How much money do we need to collect? How can we do it?

You have to raise at least 1,500 euros to participate in the Trailwalker. It is 250 euros for each one of the 6 members of the team for Oxfam Intermon projects

The main fundraising tool is your team page. There you can upload photos and update the page with news about your training. Look for support in your family, friends, or organize a solidarity activity. You will find a lot of fundraising idees in:

Donation from other countries

You can do your donation in the team’s page with a credit card (VISA) or through a bank transfer. Once the transfer has been made, send an e-mail to with a proof of payment (a scanned receipt, a screen shot or similar) and the donation will appear on your team web page in less than 48 hours.

Bank account Oxfam Intermón: 2100-0765-89-0200237014

IBAN: ES73-2100-0765-8902-0023-7014


Concept: TW (Name of the team)

Tax reduction benefits (from Oxfam countries)

If you pay your taxes in other country, and wish to make a donation to a team taking part in the Oxfam Trailwalker in Spain, you can benefite from your country tax deduction system.

You just have to make your donation to your Oxfam (search to ask for its bank account in and send an email to with the receip and the name of the team you are helping. The donations progression bar of the Oxfam Trailwalker team you wish to support will grow by the donated amount (a two-week waiting time might be expected due to the particular procedure).

Only donations made by bank transfer may benefit from tax deduction. 

The tax certificate will be sent to the donor. If you wish to donate to two separate teams, you must absolutely make two separate transfers. Every donation must correspond to a single team and cannot be allocated to several teams at the same time.

  • OXFAM Belgium needs to receive as a concept next code: "8065, Intermon OTW 2014 + dorsal".

Same procedure is allowed if you pay your taxes in Spain and wish to make a donation to other Oxfam Traiwalker team. You can do your transfer in the spanish bank accout (above) writting in "comments" the country of the Oxfam Trailwalker you want to support to.

Donations in Spain have tax benefit?

Contributions made in 2015 have a tax benefit in Spain of 50% for the first 150 € donated. From 150€ tax benefit is 27.5%, or 32.5% if more than 3 years continuously donating.

Contributions made in 2015 have a tax benefit of 50% for the first 150 € donated. From 150€ tax benefit is 30%, or 35% if more than 3 years continuously donating.

Individuals or companies who pay in Basque Country are governed by their own taxation.

Refer to specific tax benefits for comanies in

Donations by bank transfer

Make a bank transfer to this account number of “La Caixa” and write the name of the team as concept. Once the transfer has been made, send an e-mail to with a proof of payment (a scanned receipt, a screen shot or similar) and the donation will be recorded as anonymous. Oxfam Intermón will update the counter of your team web page in less than 48 hours.

IBAN: ES73-2100-0765-8902-0023-7014
Concept: TW (Name of the team)

* The transfer fees will be paid in full by the applicant.

Is it compulsory to obtain at least 1,500 euros in donations?

Yes, a condition to be able to take part in the Trailwalker is that the team raises at least 1,500 euros before the day of the event. Although initially it may seem a lot of money, among the four walkers, the two support crew members and your friends, family, and colleagues it is not difficult to raise even more money. Take into account that the average fundraising from the teams that participate in other Oxfam Trailwalkers is usually double the minimum initial amount.

Can the teams raise funds for the entry fee?

The teams are not allowed to raise funds in name of Oxfam Intermón until they have completed the entry procedure and have accepted the terms and conditions of the event. Therefore, the team cannot raise funds for the entry fee. But 200 euros among four persons is not so much money!


There will be medical service during the Trailwalker?

Yes, we will have mobile units ambulance, doctor service during 32 hours duration of the event. From km 50 we podiatry and physiotherapy services in multiple controls; All staff are volunteers (and limited), so we opted to concentrate the maximum staff in a few controls to serve the maximum number of participants with minimal waiting time.

What should we wear. There is any required material?

You should wear non-chafing and comfortable training clothes, and remember also to carry some warm clothes, especially for night trails. Make sure your shoes are light and comfortable. Use the trainings to find out what clothes and food are best for you.  Check out the training and preparation tips for more information and required material.

Do we have to be the 6 team members to collect the race numbers?

When picking up the race numbers the 6 team members should be together as we need you to sign a security document. Please consul the dates to collect dorsals in TW Girona or TW Madrid.

Can I pull out before the event?

Accidents happen and sometimes there are injuries during the trainings or before the event. In case one member or more from your team has to pull out, your team can remain registered if you replace the injured team members. You can change the members of your team one day before the delivering of dorsals, through the form that you will find in your team profile, registering with your user and password.

Can my team complete the event like a relay?

No, teams must travel the full 100kms together. This means teams must check-in and check-out of each checkpoint as a team. Team have to scan the identification chip received in the initial registration through a sensor so that the whole team’s advancement through the checkpoints is registered.

What facilities are there at the checkpoints?

At the checkpoints there will be desks where the organisation staff will help you to register the advance of your team. You will also find toilets, water and basic food (fruit, chocolate and soups), as well as health workers for first aid.  You will have the opportunity to meet upwith  your support teams at the appointed checkpoints. For more information on these checkpoints visit the web sections TW GIRONA, TW EUSKADI and TW MADRID.

Do we sleep during Trailwalker?

From km 50 there are indoor sleeping. They are reported in the roadbook. Some of them have mattresses but it is advisable that you bring yours.In any case we would advise you not to sleep for more than three to four hours at a time. You can find more information on the training tips.

Will my mobile phone work?

There are some areas of the trail where it is possible that mobile phones do not have coverage. For more safety we advise that the members of the team carry phones from different companies.


How can I register for Oxfam Intermón Trailwalker?

It’s easy! You just have to make up a team and go to the section Sign Up. There you have to fill out the form with the personal details of all the members of the team (including a minimum/maximum of two persons as support crew). To sign up you will need to pay the entry fee of 200 euros per team.
If you have any problem when signing up on our web, or if you don’t have Internet, you can call at 900.22.33.00 or 933.780.165 and we will help you to sign up.

Who can enter Trailwalker?

Anyone over 18 years old who wants to make a difference in the world, is most welcome to enter Trailwalker. Girona, Euskadi and Madrid are fit for certain disabilities, but only Girona is fit for handbikes.

How much does it cost? What does my entry fee cover?

To sign up for Trailwalker you have to pay 200 euros per team as an entry fee. But the 200 euros entry fee will not be considered as a donation on your team web page.

The entry fee paid by each team is used to cover part of the costs of the registration, dorsals, chrono, material for identification (6 t-shirt, 6 bags, 6 bracelets) and traffic signs, roadbooks, water and fruit in all controls, technical staff during the event, organization and promotion.

The finisher medals are made in our fair trade cooperatives (which is why they are made of wood) and we try that, if left over, we can use them in future issues (why only customize the cord).

If finally we decide not to participate in Trailwalker, will we get back our entry fee?

Being a donation, no entry fee will be refunded to any team even if they cancel their participation in Trailwalker. In this link you can find more information about the terms and conditions.

Can there be more than 4 persons in a team?

Unfortunately, no.  If you know someone who also wants to participate, suggest he form another team or advertise for team mates in our Bulletin board.

Must I register a support team? How many people join the support team?

Yes. The support crew is very important. They will also provide practical support (food and massages) and also psychological (encouragement and support when you are tired). 

Only participants and the 2 persons identified as support team can access to the controls. Both car and support people will be clearly identified. If any additional person decided to go into the car, will not formed in any case part of the Trailwalker team


Both at the start and the finish checkpoints access will be free for visitors, but at the rest of the checkpoints only the two support crew members and a vehicle will be allowed.

For more information on the support crew, click here.

Why is insurance necessary?

To participate it is essential to have insurance to cover accidents.

In Madrid, the  logistics organizer contracts an insurance that covers all participants and it is included in the registration fee.

The insurance hired by the organizer of Girona has an extra cost, that is why it has to be paid by participants. The price depends on the agreements reached in each edition (the last was € 5 per walker) and must be paid to collect the dorsal.

In Catalonia (Girona Trailwalker) it is usefull any license (it has to be showed when collecting the dorsal) issued by:

• FEDME (Federación Española de Escalada y Montaña)

• FEEC (Federation of Catalonia Hiking

• FCOC (Orienteering Federation of Catalonia)

• UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Asociation)

• ISF (International Federation Skyrunning)

Can we change our team name or a member of the team after we’ve registered?

We accept changes in a team by entering with your username and password in your computer profile. You will find a link "Change Team" with access to a form to automatically change the informacion you need. Some days before the delivery of dorsals we will disable this option. We will only deliver dorsals to those members registered in our files by that date.


Can I register again without fulfill all the form again?

Sign in with your username and password in your profile-team you will find a link "Change Team" with access to a form for automatically change the participants necessaries. A few days before the delivery of dorsal we will disable this option. We will only deliver dorsal to those members correctly registered in the website.


What is the terrain like?

Have all the information (location, elevation, steps ...) in the web sections TW GIRONA, TW EUSKADI and TW MADRID.

Am I fit enough to do Trailwalker?

We firmly believe anyone with the right training and attitude can complete the Trailwalker challenge. In other countries there are participants over 70 years old! In this link you will find some basic training and preparation advice to help with specific queries.

Are trainers or hiking boots better for this event?

It is up to you. Experienced Oxfam Trailwalkers are divided on this point so the best thing to do is start training on the trail and find out what is best for you. Some Trailwalkers also prefer to have spare shoes so they can switch back and forth during the event. Check out the training and preparation tips for more information.

About Oxfam Intermón

How is my donation spent?

In Oxfam Intermón we have our own offices in each country to guarantee that the money reaches its destination. Of all the money raised, 85% goes for the programmes and only 15% to administration expenses and fundraising, an indispensable task to be able to keep working.
We show transparency in our accounting by way of annual external audits. You can consult our  Anual Memory 

"NGOs only plug holes"

At Oxfam we work on the root of the problems. We know that in order to achieve this our work on a daily basis in the poorest countries is not enough, we need also to raise awareness in society and the politicians.
International policies affect millions of people in the most disadvantaged countries. Do you know how much a farmer from these countries earns for each package of coffee that you buy? Only 2%.
It is evident that if we are able to fight this kind of injustice we will be closer to eradicating poverty.

“In NGOs people should work without a salary”

You surely know an NGO volunteer: your mother, a friend, a neighbour… Did you know that more than four million people in Spain work as volunteers in non-profit associations?
At Oxfam Intermón, for example, 66% of our team members are volunteers. They are people who give part of their time and energy to build a more just world. But for certain jobs we need skilled full-time workers; they need a salary because their mail box, as it happens to all of us, gets filled with bills.