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Terms & Conditions

The acceptance of the rules and conditions is required for registration :

The Event: Oxfam Trailwalker is a team walk for solidarity. Each team will have four participants who will walk or run 100 miles in a maximum time.

The Organization: Oxfam is the promoter of the event and has the support of external suppliers to organize it.

Team: Composite by 4 people walking (called walkers in the Sporting Regulations) and 2 members of support team.

Support Team: Composed of two persons who will assist the participating team during its participation in the Event (called participants in the Sporting Regulations). They will travel in a private vehicle and have access to some points along the way.

  1. The formalization of registration implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and the rules of the sporting regulations of the Event.
  2. The event is sponsored by Oxfam, an NGO founded in 1956 that takes place in the poorest countries in development projects, humanitarian action, fair trade and social mobilization campaigns and advocacy. Oxfam, with CIF G-58236803, is an NGO officially recognized by all these activities, for which receives input from individuals, governments, institutions, organizations and companies.
  3. The event aims to raise funds for the completion of the work plays Oxfam to fight poverty and injustice in the world. Is a prerequisite for participation in the event that each team made a donation of 200 € at the time of registration of the equipment and get a minimum charge of € 1,500 in donations to Oxfam. The amount contributed, both registration and collection of equipment, is in grants irrevocable, therefore, all persons making a donation may deduct 25% of their contribution to the tax return (without can exceed 10% of the taxable income of the taxpayer). In the case of registration, it shall be distributed in 50 € for each of the 4 originally registered walkers. In case of changes in equipment, not reassign the donations, the walker can only tax deductible original, but ultimately not participate. If contributions from companies, the deduction is 35% (but may not exceed 10% of the tax base).
  4. All team members must be of legal age at the event.
  5. Each of the participating members, both walkers and support, personally inscribed their data in electronic form provided, no other registration delegating, and accepting on behalf own privacy policy Oxfam. The formalization of registration involves sending regular information about the Event who is part of the teams entered, they will receive by email a newsletter with news Event news and information on the progress of the fundraising team.
  6. Activities promoted by teams to reach the fundraising minimum for participation in the Event will be held for and under the sole responsibility of the person or organization that endeavors. Consequently, Oxfam is not responsible for any damages, claims, damages or losses resulting from these activities.
  7. The amounts paid as registration fee or any previous grant to support Oxfam's work will not count towards the minimum target of raising € 1,500 each team should promote.
  8. Both the registration fee per team, in grants, donations and promoted by equipment are not refundable or transferable. Therefore, donations made for Oxfam and, in turn, contribute to the recovery of a team, are final and are not conditioned on the equipment meets the minimum fundraising goal ensuring their participation in the Event.
  9. The Organization is not responsible for accidents or damage that may receive or produce participants. Accident insurance is mandatory for all participating team members who are not accidents coverage specific mountain federation card. Participants will not be covered by federal accident insurance arranged by the Organization whose cost will be paid by each participating team members at the time of registration and collection of badges on the day of the event. Insured persons are entitled to various welfare benefits contained in Decree 56/2003 of 4 February, which regulates the sport and physical activity in the natural environment, issued by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, comprising medical and health services, and various fringe benefits and will be covered only during the event.
  10. Óxfam Intermón, recommends to all and all the Participating marketers, a medical examination in order to ensure that they are in optimal health conditions to participate in the Oxfam Intermón Trailwalker. The participant must ensure that he has sufficient physical, technical and mental preparation to face this test (100 kilometers in 32 hours or 50 kilometers in 12 hours, depending on the type of registration). The Marcador is aware of the risks inherent in participating in this event, accepting to participate under his responsibility.
  11. The route can be subject to changes in case they were needed to ensure the safety of participants or force majeure that require altering the layout in order to ensure the smooth running of the Event .
  12. Oxfam reserves the right to cancel, postpone, suspend or postpone the event in response to the risks of fire, flood, route instability or any other cause of force majeure.
  13. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw a Team or Participant before the event or during if it meets the standards and conditions set forth in these terms and conditions, and in the sporting regulations of the Event.
  14. The deadline for achieving the minimum target fund raising € 1,500 per team ends the day before the event.
  15. The images and materials collected by the Organization during the event may be used by Oxfam in future promotional materials. Team members agree that Oxfam capture, play and communicate, publicly and without any cost, your personal image during the Event..

Sporting regulation (in spanish)