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Trailwalker Madrid 2020

TW Madrid 2020

100 Kilometers


100 km in less than 32 hours through Sierra de Guadarrama

Route NOT accesible for people with reduced mobility

  • Positive slope: 1.104m; negative: 982m.
  • Maximal height: 1.152m
  • Pending maximum positive: 16.4%
  • Pending maximum negativea:-16.2%
  • Chip control.
  • Control check: 8 + Meta
  • Download ROADBOOKTRACKS:GPX, Google Earth
  • Route Calculator

Saturday June 6, 2020 at 9:00 from San Lorenzo del Escorial. 

To collect the number it is necessary to collect at least 1.500€ of donations and have registered the 6 members of the team.

Online registration:

200€ per team of 4 walkers + 2 support crew with a vehicle.

Limited places. Registration deadline: June 3  or 400 teams registered.

50 Kilometers


50 km in less than 16 hours thorugh Sierra de Guadarrama

Route NOT accesible for people with reduced mobility.

  • Positive slope: 561m; negative: 460m.
  • Maximal height: 1.079m
  • Pending maximum postitive: 14.1%
  • Pending maximum negative:-14,0%
  • Chip control.
  • Control check: 3 + Meta
  • Download ROADBOOKTRACKS:GPX, Google Earth
  • Route Calculator.

Saturday June 6, 2020 at 9:00 from San Lorenzo del Escorial. 

To collect the number it is necessary to collect at least 1.500€ of donations and have registered the 6 members of the team.

Online registration:

100€ per team of 4 walkers + 2 support crew with a vehicle.

Limited places. Registration deadline: June 3 or 200 teams registered.

10 Kilometers

New Distance (spanish)


Sunday June 7, 2020 at 11 from Moralzarzal - Mataelpino

Dorsal collection



On Sunday, May 31, the 6 members and the mobile phone of each participant that will be used during TW have to be included on the web.


On Thursday, June 4.

At the offices of Oxfam Intermón


Friday, June 5 at el Paque de la Bolera from 18.00 to 22.00, with the team card signed.


Before the Start we won't deliver numbers. Teams that have not collected their race number before Saturday will not be able to participate.



  • Enter the donations until completing the 1.500 € necessary to participate.
  • Before the end of May, enter on the web with your username and password to make the equipment changes and verify that the mobile numbers are the ones that you will use during the TW. From that date we will issue the definitive lists and, for security, we con not accept changes. 
  • Download and sign the card with the members and final mobiles number and bring it signed. I
  • It is not necessary that all the team come to collect the numbers. A person from outside the team can not pick them up even if he/she is part from another team.
  • A civil liability insurance policy and another accident policy provided by the organization will cover all participants registered on the web.

To get together and in conditions, do not forget:

To check  reglamento deportivo.(spanish)

  • To check materiales obligatorios.(spanish)

  • Do a previous sports medical examination and follow the precauciones sanitarias(spanish) and the advice of alimentación(spanish): There will be water and fruits in all the check points and some other product with wich some companies collaborate, but the main sustenance (breakfast, lunch, dinner) should be provided by the support team.

Required materials

At the time of departure and during the progress we make material controls to ensure that bear the required material. Remember it's for your safety. No carry mandatory material may be cause for disqualification.

Material required by walker

  • Dorsal chip (provided by the Organization)
  • Bracelets (provided by the Organization)
  • 4 captive
  • cell phone
  • Survival blanket (thermal blanket aluminum least 220 x 140cm)
  • Bottle or hydration bag (minimum 1L.)
  • Headlamp and extra batteries
  • Vest or reflective material for road crossings
  • Jacket or windbreaker
  • DNI or identity card

Material required for the support team

  • 2 mobile phones. Battery Charger.

Material required per team

  • 2 emergency kits: a first aid one  to be brought by walkers and a more complete one to be brought by assistance. The Team is responsible for prescription drugs and painkillers, and not provided by the Organization.
  • Route 2 books (material provided by the Organization): one for walkers and one for assistance.

Optional Material recommended

  • Towels and toilet paper
  • Sports Shoes parts
  • Shirts, pants and socks parts
  • whistle
  • breathable clothing
  • Sweatpants, short tights or pirates
  • Sunscreen and petrolatum
  • Long Sleeve
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • utility knife
  • Sunglasses

Check Points

It's important that you plan your march well: you are 4 people walking for a maximum of 32 hours in the distance of 100 Kilometers and a maximum of 16 hours in the distance of 50 Kilometers, with rythms and breaks that you must agree well with your support team.

The Start point is at 9.00: the route will be open to the public. The route of the Trailwalker runs through natural areas that we must preserve and conserve. Do not throw garbage, use the selective collection containers located at the control points. Let's leave the cleanest route of how we find it! Use the WC located at the control points.

All the equipment will have to go through all the controls (the 4 marchers at the same time) including the output, after the backpack control. Participants who do not pass through any of the controls will be automatically disqualified. You can calculate your schedules with the route calculator.

The opening and closing times of the control points are calculated for a minimum total time of 9 hours and a maximum of 32. The teams that do not leave the control point before its closure, will not be able to continue.

100 Kilometers

50 Kilometers


IMPORTANT! To avoid increasing plastic waste, we will not provide plastic cups for water, coffe or broth. Please, bring your glasses and vessels that you need.

The provisioning offered at the checkpoints is limited and donated by the companies that collaborate, so the nourishment of the marchers should be provided mainly by the support team, who has enough time to go and find what they need.

Even so, in all the control points you will find water and fruit for the 4 members of the team that walk or run. The support team will not be able to have the supplies reserved for the marchers, to ensure that the last teams do not lack especially from water and fruit, as well as the products that our sponsors give to the marketers.

While walking between checkpoints is important to keep in the backpack nutrition and hydration products. Currently there are many drinks developed to consume during exercise. Have low doses of carbohydrate and allow to maintain sugar levels in the blood. To ensure effectiveness of hydration level is equally important that contains minerals, this improving the intestinal absorption of sodium and water. Is advised to take every half hour 0,5l of water because it is advisable to drink before you get the sensation of thirst.

If we can eat any solid food is recommended every 30-60 minutes. It’s better to eat easily digestible foods like ice, candy, energy bars or fruit. The fruit can be fresh (preferably banana and orange) or dry (dates, raisins and figs). At this time we can afford the pleasure of eating chocolate (preferably black and Fair Trade).

Sanitary Service

Prevention: we recommend a prueba médica deportiva before a great effort like the Trailwalker.

Emergency telephone number: on the back cover of the roadbook you will find the telephone number you can call if you need the medical equipment to travel to your equipment. We suggest you activate the gps so that the medical vehicle can locate you as soon as possible.

We have ambulances in all the check points: medical care teams in the controls of the route, health care vehicles and the 24h career doctor facilitated by Civil Protection.

A team of physiotherapists made up of professors and student volunteers from the Complutense University of Madrid will be available to runners who request it.

Podiatrists of AEPODE will also attend the participants.