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AXA Ninjas – Know You Can

We are AXA Ninjas – Know You Can.

12 participants from the AXA International & New Markets Office have committed to be active and empower others through Oxfam Trailwalker, a fundraising endurance event conducted across the world, in which we will complete a course of 100 kilometres or 50 kilometres in a set time limit (32hours or 16hours). 

Altogether, we have committed to walk a total of 600KM to support Oxfam!

We will put in the courage but your generous support will be our energy: Join us by supporting our fundraising efforts!

We aim to raise 3.000 euros donations in favor of Oxfam Intermon. This money will be allocated in more than 400 projects of cooperation, humanitarian action, fair trade and awareness, in 40 countries.

The run against hunger and poverty is about to start and we are counting on you!

Team 1 - 100 kilometres:

- Marc Audrin
- Miguel Fernández Rodríguez
- Kuldeep Kaushik
- Luis García Ordóñez
Support team
- Beatriz Payás Solaetxe
- Jennifer Karime Gutiérrez Martínez

Team 1 - 50 kilometres:
- Clara Martínez Elkington
- Pablo Navas Cañete
- Ivana Gligorijevic
- Ender Ertugral
Support team
- Andrew Holdway
- Carmen Sanfeliu Giner

Nombre empresa: 



Send TW (space) M53 to 28018.

Cost: 1.2 euro (full donation to Oxfam Intermón). Fund-raising text service in solidarity campaign run by Oxfam Intermón ( Customer Service: 900 22 33 00, PO Box 310 – 08080 Barcelona. Collaborators: Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Yoigo and Euskaltel. OXFAM INTERMÓN will process your personal data to send you information and propose other types of participation. For further information and instructions on exercising your rights, you may consult the privacy policy.

El equipo

Marc Audrin
Miguel Fernández Rodríguez
Kuldeep Kaushik
Luis García Ordóñez
Support team
Jennifer Karime Gutiérrez Martínez
Beatriz Payás Solaetxe


Date Name Amount Comment
04.06.2019 Ender Ertugral 75,00€
04.06.2019 Souradipta Sen 30,00€ All the best Kuldeep!
04.06.2019 Manish Kumar Singh 120,00€ All the Best!
03.06.2019 Chicky Bhavnani 120,00€ Kuldeep Good Luck and next year 500K ;)
27.05.2019 Najmi Sarwar 60,00€ Proud of you KuldeepK - Keep running !
26.05.2019 Lopa Dash 200,00€ Good luck Kuldeep !!!
26.05.2019 Bala Immadisetty 30,00€ Best wishes Kuldeep Regards, Bala
24.05.2019 SMS 1,20€