TMHCC Crazy Legs

We are privileged people: we have a roof, we have a job and we do not have to walk miles and miles to get water every day!

For us it is not a “cool thing to do” but a duty to give back to the community - And what better way of doing it than in a challenging and stimulating team event?

Over the years, we have carried out various successful and exciting employees fundraising events with the Financial Lines team at Tokio Marine HCC. Last year alone, we raised over 7,000 Euros for various local charities.

In addition to supporting the Oxfam “Water bank” project, we will also walk to support the #smilewithileana project; a project in which some of our colleagues are highly involved.

Your help and support will inspire us to walk,  run or crawl (by any means necessary) all the way to the finish line, make water accessible for many people and raise awareness on the growing need to protect children vulnerable to sexual exploitation worldwide.

An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves” Lydia M. Child

We will start together, stay together and finish together - The Crazy Legs team…

Some interesting facts about us…


  • My goal: make Pili run! ;)
  • Previous run achievements: 10Km, half marathon, marathon, Oxfam Trail walker France, 25K, 36K 46K Trail run
  • Interesting fact about me: Have never broken a bone!


  • My goal: don't let Xavier convince me to run! ;)
  • Previous run achievements: 10Km, half marathon, marathon, 50K walk
  • Interesting fact about me: I can hold my breath under water for a very long time


  • My goal: to keep up with this two young and motivated horses Xavier and Pili either they run or not ;-)
  • Previous run achievements: 15 km, half marathon, marathon
  • Interesting fact about me: I broken quite a lot of bones, but 14 pieces of metal keep me in shape ;-)  


  • My goal: to finish the walk and to have fun!
  • Previous run achievements: none... however, I have walked quite a lot (up to 40km a day) and climbed some mountains, including Teide, Etna, etc.
  • Interesting fact about me: I can walk on my hands!
Nombre empresa: 
Tokio Marine HCC



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El equipo

Patxi Marguinaud
Laura Tibbo
Niclas Schleicher
Pilar Nguema
Equipo de apoyo
Ana Carolina Aguilar Rochon
Luis Daniel Godoy Hurtado


Fecha Nombre Importe Comentario
15.04.2018 Marcin Ston 25,00€
14.04.2018 Charles Froment 60,00€ Go crazy, sexy legs! Thanks for impressing and inspiring us all!
12.04.2018 Jonathan Pflieger 20,00€ Great initiative. Good luck to you all !
12.04.2018 Emanuele Cavallero 30,00€ Vamos chic@ssss!!!! Go for it! ;-)
11.04.2018 HCC Global Financial Products S.L. 1.420,00€
09.04.2018 Peter Tilbrook 20,00€ Good luck all! Great effort
09.04.2018 Pim vanderdrift 60,00€ Go guys!
04.04.2018 Anonymous 300,00€